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  1. Keir Starmer Flip Flops

    In three years of rudderless leadership, Keir Starmer has had more flip flops than Bondi beach and more launches than NASA. Whether it’s small boats or the economy, Labour has a ‘liable to change’ leader who will flip his position if the politics flop to suit him.

    So these one-of-a-kind sandals are the perfect present for all fans of flip flops.

    As low as £16.99
  2. Scrap ULEZ Car Sticker

    -26% Scrap ULEZ Car Sticker Scrap ULEZ Car Sticker

    Show your support for the 'Scrap ULEZ' Campaign by displaying this car sticker.

    Special Price £4.49 Regular Price £5.99
  3. Top Trumped By The Unions Playing Cards

    The Labour Party are bankrolled by the trade unions trying to grind our country to a halt. Since 2010, the Labour Party and its Constituency Labour Party’s have accepted over £128 million from trade unions.

    Play this fun, interactive game to find out more about how deep into the pockets of the trade unions the Labour Party really are.

  4. A Dangerous Brew Mug

    Porcelain mug featuring an illustration by Political Cartoonist Paul Thatcher.

  5. Labour's Plan for the Country Notebook

    We got our hands on Labour’s manifesto, and the content says it all: 200 blank pages. But while Keir Starmer might be a man of few words and even fewer policies, you don’t have to be. Labour’s manifesto makes the perfect notebook, ready for your doodles or just some evidence of intelligent thought. Get yours today!

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5 Items